Working with us

LM is well advanced in its procurement for the Enabling Works Area North contract, and we wish to ensure that suppliers at all tiers of the supply chain have full visibility of the many opportunities that are resulting from this exciting project.   It is important to note that as a Management Contractor to HS2, we are placing subcontracts for various works and services.   There are therefore many opportunities for business with the subcontractors who secure these contracts.  

It is also important to note that the ‘emerging scope’ nature of the project means that requirements are subject to change, as plans and programmes develop.

If you would like to be considered as a supplier to the LM joint venture, please contact us via the CompeteFor portal in the first instance, to see what opportunities are available.    On there you will also be able to see which subcontractors have secured individual awards for the opportunities that we have posted on the system.  Contact details will be included, along with a description of the works involved.  We have also included below a summary table so that at a glance you can see high level information that may help you focus and guide your enquiries in the right direction.

When applying to work on the HS2 project – at any tier of the supply chain – it is important to bear in mind the overarching strategic goals and objectives of the HS2 project, and the commitment to the wider benefits of the project, than simply programme and cost.  Health, Safety and Wellbeing are massively important, as are Skills, Employment and Education (SEE), Innovation, Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Supply Chain Growth, SMEs, Fair Payment throughout all tiers of the supply chain, Environment and Collaboration.  All of these factors will be assessed as part of the decision making process.

Contact the LM Procurement team on for any further information.