Working with us

Group shot of a team of workers from above

LM and HS2 have agreed a joint strategy and programme for delivering the Area North Enabling Works.

As Management Contractor for the Enabling Works, LM will procure the project’s subcontracts, which will be required to deliver the scope of works. The majority of the subcontracts to be awarded are included in the Opportunities Notice Board.

Planning continues on further scope, and as this is agreed between HS2 and LM, the subcontracts will be added to the Opportunities Notice Board.

It should be noted that the contract and scope is structured so that as we continue develop our programme and design of many assets, our subcontract strategies will change.   However, we will inform the supply chain as best we can of the future opportunities at the very earliest.

LM is committed to delivering the most streamlined qualification process possible, and as such, it is tailored for each subcontract requirement.   It is important to note that in order to meet the overarching strategic goals and objectives of the HS2 project, applicants will be required to show commitment to wider benefits than simply programme and cost.  Health, Safety and Wellbeing are massively important, as are Skills, Employment and Education (SEE), Innovation, Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Supply Chain Growth, SME’s, Fair Payment throughout all tiers of the supply chain, Environment and Collaboration.

If you would like to be considered as a supplier to the LM joint venture, please contact us via the CompeteFor portal, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Applicants are requested to review the Opportunities Notice Board, noting the opening dates for opportunities that you are interested in.

Other enquiries may be emailed to the LM Procurement team on