If you're interested in building a career with LM, we're keen to hear from you.

Our aim is to build an exciting and positive working environment that brings out the best in employees. People should enjoy what they do and they should make the most of their talents. That is why LM is committed to building careers, not just creating jobs.  Through on-the-job learning, a wide range of training courses and career development programmes, we will make sure our employees gain the skills they need to carry out their roles to the best of their ability but also to take on more challenging roles as they progress. 

One of LM’s unique characteristics is its open and democratic culture. As a forward-thinking venture, we don’t stand on ceremony so no matter who team members are or what they do, if they suggest a better way of doing things, they will be encouraged to share their ideas. LM will always put its people first – especially when it comes to health and safety. Nothing is more important than their wellbeing so before anything is done, the first thing that will be asked is: ‘is it safe’. If it’s not, then it simply won’t be done. 

LM is committed to being an equal opportunities employer: an employer that maintains the highest standard of employment practice and one which aims to employ a workforce that reflects the diverse society in which we live and work. All employees, no matter what their position, recognise and respect the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences that exist within the workforce and communities. We will make sure workplace policies and practices echo the principles of equal employment opportunity making LM a great place to work.

If you would like to work with LM on our wide range of opportunities in the rail infrastructure sector, email us  in the first instance, with your name, email address (and other contact details) along with brief details about you and the area of work you are interested in.